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Accommodation and facilities

Hopedale House is a detached property in the small rural village of Cheddleton, Staffordshire Moorlands, with three discrete ‘houses’. The large, attractive, open garden area contains an allotment, for children to grow their own produce, and ample space for recreational activities.


Hopedale House is regularly refurbished as part of an on-going programme to best meet the needs of the children in residence. Whilst remaining as homely and welcoming a possible, specific risks and behaviours have been carefully considered and accommodation designed accordingly.


At Hopedale House, the home and the school are distinct.  Separate entrances for the children are available and provide very different initial impressions.


The home provides care for two groups of children (Comets and Asteroids), with very careful matching ensuring the ability to focus on specific needs and work towards individual goals.  Risk assessment is at the core of these groupings.


Children have individual bedrooms that they are encouraged to personalise.


Comets' House 

Children with significant social, emotional, behavioural and possible learning difficulties.  Children in this group may require a higher level of self-care support. The upstairs areas are adapted and modified to support this high level of care. Children in this group will be of secondary school age and are developing their independence skills in preparation for adult life.

  • Comfortable lounge area, furnished to a high standard

  • Gaming devices

  • Small dining area

  • Large TVs

  • Up to 4 individual, personalised study bedrooms

  • 2 bathrooms with separate showers

  • Waking night station and shared kitchenette


Asteroids' House

Children beginning to develop self-help skills and making progress towards addressing their social, emotional, behavioural and learning needs. Children in this group may display aspects of autism, therefore activities and facilities are designed to support these children.

  • Large, sophisticated, comfortable lounge area, furnished to a high standard

  • Gaming devices

  •  Up to 5 individual, personalised study bedrooms

  • 1 bathroom and two shower rooms

  • Waking night station and shared kitchenette


Shared Areas

  • A chef’s kitchen with views onto the tranquil garden

  • Separate utility room

  • Private family contact room (part of the school area, but planned this way to provide the utmost privacy)

  • Music room

  • Bright spacious dining room, with view over the garden

  • Two downstairs toilets

  • Therapy room (The Igloo)

  • Alternative therapy room

  • Phone box area where children can make private calls in a safe and warm area

  • Activity Lodge located in the garden


Outside Space

  • To the rear of the building there is a large tranquil garden which affords the opportunity for relaxation, reflection, leisure and horticulture

  • To the front of the building there is parking for up to 40 vehicles

  • To the side of the building are well maintained Rugby pitches that can be used by residents of Hopedale House

  • There is a park a short 5 minute walk away

  • The adjoining woodland provides opportunities for multi-sensory walks, orienteering and general exploration​

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