Care Staff Team

Hopedale Care Staff List:

Responsible Individual

Clare Ratcliffe


Registered Manager

Jamie Griffin

Trainee Registered Manager

April Palmer


Deputy Care Manager

Jordan Leaver

Rachael Farr


Assistant Care Manager

Samantha Berrisford


QA & Care Administrator

Katy Boden


QA, Level Three Assessor and Residential Support Worker

Tracy Healey


Senior Leader and Team Teach Trainer

Paul Corcoran


Senior Leader

Danielle Blackburn

Angela Holley

Bethanie Manley

Hayley Morris

Andy Ramczykowski

Isaac Vanderpuye


Junior Care Team

Madeline Wilkinson

Amy Flanagan

Hayley Ball

Rebecca Davies

Laura Edge

Elliott Edwards

Tracy Healey

Niamh Minton

Samantha Smith

Liam O’Connor

Christine White

Charlotte Townsend

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Night Wake Care Team

Justin Boyd

Laura Cooke

Debra Conway

Aimee Dawson

Sue Podmore

Nicholas Watts


Therapy Team


Therapy Lead

Debra Turner

Play Therapist

Sophie Goodwin

Key Working Lead & Alternative Therapist

Maria Brassington

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